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CDs and other Nice Things

Welcome, come in and have a look around at the many lovely Cruel Folk branded consumer thingies on offer, all lovingly hand-crafted in the dark halls of Cruel Castle. (In between trips to the dungeons for, ahem, amusements involving some Fair Maidens we currently have staying.)

Love, Loyalty and Other Lies

Cruel Folk's debut album. A lot of people quite liked it, and that makes us happy. Here are some nice things people have said about it:

'This band is one to be reckoned with... A treat of an album.' Maverick Magazine ****1/2, 2009.

'Vital original songs with a keen sense of English tradition... a strongly individual voice...' fRoots Magazine, 2008.

Love, Loyalty and Other Lies, Cover

Clicking the Buy Now button takes you to PayPal to buy the physical CD. Alternatively, you can buy downloads through CDBaby using the panel below, or if you prefer you can use iTunes.

Far to Fall

Cruel Folk's second CD is due for release in December 2012.

Far To Fall Cover